Is everything Vegan?

Yes, all of the products sold by Daisy's Cupcakes is completely vegan, allergens will be available in the product descriptions and upon request for local orders regarding allergens like nuts, soya, wheat (gluten) etc.

Are you eco-friendly?

Being eco-friendly is very important to us, the postal boxes, tissue paper, wax paper and stickers are all recycled and able to be recycled after you've received it. All "cellophane" packaging used in your order is made out of potato starch and is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Where do you ship orders to?

At the moment, we're only shipping orders to England, Wales & Scotland.

How do you ship orders?

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail, depending on which shipping you choose to use depends on when it will arrive after being shipped.

When do you ship orders?

Orders are posted on the morning of Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's via Royal Mail.

Are delay's possible?

Unfortunately with Royal Mail, delays are possible especially in cases of Covid-19 and Christmas.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me via email contact@daisyscupcakes.co.uk or via Instagram @daisyscupcakesco